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2 Heart Shape Puzzles. Natural timbers only, 30cm wide, $ 98.00 Made here at Rare Creations

Cheese platter, 40 cm. Natural timbers only, 2 coats of oil. $ 69.00 Made here.

Large round Puzzle Tray. Natural timbers only. 2 coats of oil, 30 cm dia. Great for nuts, etc. $98.00 Made here at Rare Creations

Small Puzzle Trays, set of 4

Small Puzzle Trays, Set of 4. Natural timber colors only, + 2 coats of Oil. Made here, great to keep things sorted. 14 x 14 cm $ 69.00

Danish Guard Nut Cracker

Cracks any nuts, solid wood and beautifully finished. $ 149.00

Robot Nut Cracker Red

Made out of wood for anyone who likes Nuts and Robots. $ 88.00

Robot Nut Cracker Yellow

Made out of wood for anyone who likes Nuts and Robots. $ 88.00

Strongest Nut Cracker

Cracks even Brazilian nuts, with no mess or squeezed fingers. Made out of Euro Beech $ 39.00

Trivet Platters

Made out of Burnt Ash and inserted metal pins, rubber feet at the bottom. $ 98.00

Woven Trivet boards

All different interlocking timbers. Made here at Rare Creations. 130 x 130 x 18 mm $ 69.00

Hot Platter board

End grain, different timbers , 160mm x 160mm, super strong for hot pots. $ 98.00

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2 Tier Tray, natural timbers only. 19 cm dia. $ 79.00 Made here at Rare Creations.

6 Piece Bowl Series

Pure Olive Wood. Olive wood has protective oils within itself. Set of 6, $139.00 largest diameter 155mm

Olive wood wine stoppers

Keep your wine fresh and replace that cheap screw top on your bottle. $ 39.00 for 2 stoppers

Nut Tray

Nice little dish, Pure olive wood, 160mm accross, $ 29.00

Salt & Sugar Vessel

Olive wood Vessel with little spoon fitting nicely into the vessel, while lid is closed, 85mm across, $ 48.00

Set of 3 candle holders

Set of 3 olive wood turned candle holders, comes with standard tea light candle. Tallest candle holder 100mm, $ 45.00

Pasta Serving Spoon

Large Olive wood spoon for pasta or rice to drain excess water. 350mm long, $ 29.00

Salad Serves

Olive wood Salad Serves Large 350mm, $ 39.00

Beech kids dinner set

Plate, spoon & fork made from untreated European Beech and formaldehyde free. Plate dimension: 180x95 mm $ 48.00

Beech dinner set

A nice portable set with spoon, fork and chopstick in a practical wooden box, all made of european Beech. Box size: 210 x 50 x 40 mm $ 44.00

Knife Rest- Thermo

Thermo wood with maple inserts. Fits 3 knives. Dimensions: 270 x 80 x 45 mm $ 98.00

Knife Rest - Beech

Fits 3 knives. Dimensions: 270 x 80 x 45 mm $ 98.00

Large knife Block

European beech. Fits 7 knives +1 pair of scissors. Dimensions: 270 H x 300 deep $ 195.00

3D Chopping Board

End Grain timbers, Walnut, Eucalyptus and Mahogany. Small: Ø 290 mm , 25 mm Thick Large: Ø 360 mm , 25 mm Thick $ 295.00 S / $ 395.00 L

Mosaic Chopping Board

Various sizes & design

Mosaic Chopping Board

Various sizes and design

Kauri Platter

Board with 3 glass dishes inserted Dimensions: 390 x 190 x 20 mm $ 128.00

Rimu & Eucalyptus Platter

Dimension: 300 x 190 x 50 mm $ 79.00

Heart Rimu Platter

Board with 5 glass dishes inserted. Dimensions: 350 x 270 mm $ 189.00

Note: Freight is calculated extra, depending on the size of the item. We ship overseas as well. For more information contact us.

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