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Entrance Area

No 1. Welcome into our Interactive wooden Art Gallery.

Retro room 2

No 2. From the lights in the entrance into our Retro area where we have fully restored retro furniture.

No 4. We always have unusual tables made here in our work shop.

Retro room 3

No 3. A look back from where you came from.

Garden area

No 5. Below the dinning area is the garden area.

Interactive area

No 6. Around the corner into the interactive area, where your kids and adults can play.

No 7. This last area, is also the way out again, via a hidden one way mirror door.

Rare Creations


Wooden Art Gallery


Furniture, Art and Gifts you have probably not seen before, as we make

many items next door.

     Tel  03 540 2225  

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