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R A R E  C R E A T I O N S
150 Mapua Drive, RD1                                           Co-operative Bank, 02 1248 0855111 01 
7173 Mapua                                                     Please identify your payments with your Name if you do any payments
New Zealand
Phone : +64 (0)3 540 2225


How to Order:

Step 1: Send us a message via our "Contact Box" indicating what you require with your delivery details if you want to send the item to you, freight is usually $ 15.00 

Step 2: We will reply within 24 hours and send you a quote including freight cost.

Step 3: Pay by bank transfer or via Visa/Mastercard transaction by calling us. If using bank transfer, inform us via email once the payment is done.

Step 4: After payment we will send you the item straight away.
Freight options

Rare Creations


Wooden Art Gallery


Furniture, Art and Gifts you have probably not seen before, as we make

many items next door.

     Tel  03 540 2225  

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