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Story Clock

An other great design from Simon Morris. Comes with a free app where you control what the metal ball is doing. $ 1498.00

Story Clock

You can also set the back light according to the moon with the app. Half round lid up LED lights means half moon. All settings will always be accurate as it connected to the internet

Story Clock

It comes with a 45 angle stand where you can set it up on your desk as well.

Clock Kit Set

Colour it any way you choose.

Clock Kit Set

Operated by spring. Dim: 234 x 117 x 346 mm $ 139.00 for the clock $ 195.00 for a acrylic dome

Chalk Board Clock

Draw your own quadrant clock with chalk! Birch plywood, comes with chalks and chalk holder. Dim: 350x200 mm $ 149.00

Wooden Alarm Clock

European beech silent wooden clock, with gentle alarm and nightlight. Ø 95mm $ 69.00

Smallest wooden Alarm Clock

Power full little wooden clock which will definitely wake you up. Operates with a supplied button batterie. 60mm tall $ 39.00

Wooden Hand Clock Fan

Wooden hand with real clock fan and USB cable which can be connected to the computer or into 220V power plug with one of our adaptors ($15). Dim: 250 x 100 x 100 mm $ 118.00

Clock Tower

Has a pendulum mechanism made from Rewarewa and Walnut. 210 mm tall. $ 195.00

Flying Man

Adjustable flying man with a real digital clock in the fan.Comes in a basic assembling kit and has USB cable which can be connected to the computer or into 220V power plug with one of our adaptors ($15). Dim: 400 x 250 x 100mm $ 98.00

Wooden kit set clocks

$ 295.00 ► Video

Disk Brake Clock

Timber available: Jarra, Maple, Burnt ash. Dim: 240 x 170 x 20 mm $ 78.00

Chalk Board Clock big

Birch plywood, Comes with chalks and chalk holder. Dim: 550x220 mm $149 .00

Brass Weather Stations

A Clock, Thermometer, Hygrometer, Barometer on a Dark Ash board, 450 mm long. Comes with instructions $ 295.00

Note: Freight is calculated extra, depending on the size of the item. We ship overseas as well. For more information contact us.

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